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Beachbody Article Archive

Here’s an important reference tool; the Beachbody article archive that’s indexed by subject. Now instead of trying to track down articles with a search engine you can scroll through a decade of subjects in a matter seconds. The newsletter content has always been about responding to your questions. Over the years we’ve probably covered any subject you’ve ever thought about–well, at least pertaining to Beachbody workout programs and diets. Team Beachbody coaches, especially, should bookmark this page because you’ll use it with almost all of your customers. The more they learn, the less you have to actually teach them!

The Beachbody Newsletter Archive

Btw, the rest of my web site is evolving so don’t pay much attention to it yet. It used to be a big reference point but all the links died when we changed the Team Beachbody site. As more features are added I’ll let you know here, or you can sign up for my newsletter that will alert you about important news. Just send an email to:

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  • Simply Awesome.

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