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The Beachbody Blog And How This Site Will Change

The Beachbody Blog And How This Site Will Change

Beachbody finally has a blog. Welcome to the 21st century, us. Woo-hoo. It will, of course, feature me, as did our newsletter. But the blog is real time, so there will be more involvement, which likely means less time to spend here. That could be good or bad, depending upon who you are, but for most of my friends it’s likely a good thing as it should make this site more targeted. And more fun.

First off, the Beachbody (as well as Team Beachbody) blogs will be great fitness and nutrition resources. We’ve already loaded them up with content, so they already ain’t  bad. But they are going to be fantastic. If I were you, I’d bookmark at least one of them. Currently they are the same but, eventually, the TBB blog will target customers’ needs (like how to get the best results with our programs) while BB will focus more on general fitness and nutrition content.

The Beachbody Blog

The Team Beachbody Blog

This site will remain focused on fitness, nutrition, and outdoor sports but you’ll see more focus on the latter, along with an analytical look at training for such endeavors. And birthday challenges. There will be a lot more of those. And funny stuff. Although all this will happen with fewer posts. I’ll  definitely keep linking to the Beachbody blogs when things are relevant. In case you’re wondering what The Straight Dope on relevant might be, here’s an example.

7 Colorful Summer Salads = not relevant.

Vote for your favorite transformation = not relevant.

Why do you gain weight when you start working out? = relevant.

So, you probably get the idea. This won’t be a place for quick fix, catch-all, click-inducing content. It will be a place for people who are serious about their fitness and want to do something with it. Which I hope it always has been.

Train hard. Go big.


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