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Before And…

I posted my fit test and before pic already but here are some others. Reed has the most upside–though I haven’t actually seen if Marc’s gained all the weight he says he has–in terms of a traditional before/after. Always a big guy, Reed was probably one of the better climbers in the world who consistantly weighed over 200 pounds. He got down to 185 for one season, which is still heavy for a 6′ climber, and was an absolute beast. If he ever rode his bike at the weight it’d be ridiculous. Right now he’s tipping that scales north of 230. I think we’ll see some changes. Here’s his blog, which will also come with a lot of cool biking pics:

Reed’s Blog

Romney took her fit test last night and if I posted a before pic she’d kill me (posting one anyway that I’m gambling she won’t kill me for–snatching with the Joneses). However, she looks fine and, as you’ll see, isn’t all that un-fit. Still, we expect some improvement. She won’t be doing X but filling X workouts in around her Gym Jones sessions (not exactly a drop-off in intensity–check their site), which are going to focus on rehabbing some knee issue that we really need to MRI but don’t have the excess money to pay her current deductable b/c we just bought a new house, etc (insert insurance rant here).

Here are her stats:

Pull-ups: 6
Vertical: 10.5″
Push-ups: 32
Wall Squat: 2:36
Flex: + 3.5
In and Outs: 125
Curls: 21 @ 15lbs
HR: 155, 120, 80(?), 80(?)- we (again) didn’t use a monitor so this will be more accurate later on.

Scott didn’t send his but he looks thin and I’m sure his improvements will be mainly performance based.

Here’s a note for Marc. Please note the our version of “foul shape” means only foul shape for athletic people who are used to being in great shape:

we’ve been lax due to work, laziness and generalized apathy, but we finally did our fit tests:

measurements: we’re big where we shouldn’t be and small where we shouldn’t be.
weight: heavier than usual (me=a lot heavier, think big fat fuck; do my shoes match?)
fat calipers: utilizing visual analysis and poking and pinching, it’s clear that we’re gooey! before pics: would be an afront to god and all others who would lay eyes upon them.

resting heartrate: after a night of eating way too much thai and waking up to a lot of coffee: suzanne’s=58, mine=62

pull-ups: by default, they were weighted; suzanne=10, me=12

vertical leap: suzanne=14″, me=14″

push-ups: knees for suzanne=30, regular for me=30

toe touch: suzanne=+2.5″, me=+4.5″ (note: i’m +6 ape, long waist and short legs, so this is not an indication of supior flexibilty, but rather of freakish proportions)

wall squat: suzanne=80″, me=70″

biceps curls: suzanne with 20lbs=52, me with 30lbs=24 (who wears the pants in this family?)

ins and outs: suzanne=45, me=61 (just stopped out of boredom after losing count at 61, albeit i felt it minutes later)

heart rate maximizer: suzanne: 154, 108, 90, 84, 82, me= (first time, due to inaccurate determination of max) 135, 94, 88, 85, 84 and second time: 120, 88, 80, 84, 84

we’re in foul shape!

we start the p90x tomorrow and will stick with schedule prescribed by the guide, allowing for riding days for both of us, climbing days for suzanne and unicycling days for me (by saying allowing for, i mean that we will attempt these activities in spite of having our big fat asses handed to us 6 days a week). we commute by bike (single speed 42×18 for suzanne and fixed 45×17 for me) to the u via wasatch (6 miles door to door) at least 5 days week (except for the past 6 months which has been
more like 2 times every six months) and we walk the dogs at red butte or tanner every day for an hour (we haven’t slacked here, but this is the first time in my life i would consider it exercise).

so that’s it for now, we’re depressed, going into work and then taking the dogs out and then not eating a lot of thai food! thanks for the motivation and good luck with the move and your program.

wait, tomorrow is chest and back, ab ripper x.




  • Did Yoga X today and I certainly did not feel like a beast. This is another workout that I will be surprised when I can do the whole thing. Some of those poses are hard to hold after all the previous stuff. But, I’m now one day closer to the rest day (where I will ride my bike and do a bunch of exercise). Woohoo.-R

  • reed, the next workout, legs and back, wasn’t so bad. by not so bad, i do mean that it hurt, but juxtaposed to yoga, it was friendlier. i can’t even imagine riding right now, everything hurts in unimaginable ways. keep up the good work (everyone included).marc

  • Marc, Thanks for the info. Yea, I’ve done legs and back before and I know it will be alright, but will still hurt. I’m just glad that I don’t have to follow it up with Ab Ripper X. That would suck.I haven’t ridden all week, but I’m thinking I’m about ready to give it a try tomorrow. Time will tell.Good job to you too everyone.~R

  • Yoga is both my favorite and least favorite of the workouts. I suck at it but, at least, made it all the way until the Warrior III sequence before blowing it today. I think I have a chance of making it all the way through before the end. Every time I do it I think that I should do more yoga but I never seem to want to follow through with that. I’d rather play outside, I am, however, about to admit that not much would do me more good than to regularly keep up on yoga.

  • I think I just have a hard time motivating for Yoga because I know it’s going to be an hour and a half workout. I think I made it to about the Warrior 3 stuff too, but then I had a hard time with all the balance stuff after that.Also, thinking about legs and back I’m wondering if this is the one that tore my legs up when I tried it last. Hmmm? I guess I’ll find out later today. I do know that my legs are still tired from Yoga, so we’ll just have to see what happens.~R

  • legs and back was followed by ab ripper x, unless i did it wrong or you’re just being facetious?marc

  • Oh shit! Now, I was just looking at the schedule that Steve has on his blog here. He has ARX for Monday and Wednesday, but not for Friday. Oh well, I guess I’ll further destroy my abdominals. They were sore today after those Yoga Abs thingies. Also, my hamstrings are sore from Yoga yesterday, so we’ll see how Legs and Back goes. I don’t think I’ll be riding today, since I’m tired and there won’t be light left by the time I finish my workouts.~R

  • Yep, that was pretty hard. It wasn’t as bad as plyo or Yoga, but it was tough. I was breathing pretty hard and had to take a few breaks to catch my breath. And, once again ARX was hard and took a while. But, I felt better at the pull-ups and chin-ups and even some of the ab stuff, if only moderately better. I’m ready for the weekend.~R

  • we did the kenpo x last night and it appears that my 0-60 plan has flared up my it band…no worries and no brain no pain. stretch x today and while i’m up at the u, i’ll do a quick dry creek loop (by quick…). anyway, enjoy the kenpo thanks for keeping us up to date on the progress.marcp.s. my body’s trashed! it feels kind of nice.

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