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Best Year Ever

My wife just wrote a blog called Best New Year’s Ever. I felt I should one up her. I try to live life with the rationale that whatever I’m currently doing is the best thing I’ve ever done. I probably don’t always believe it but it seems counterproductive to live any other way. This year, however, makes a case that could be argued in court.

I began the year at my brother’s wedding in India.

I found a lot to like in India, though not all of it lived up up to the books I’d read in my youth. 2008 began with an attempt at a big party, which turned into wandering the streets of Calcutta, and celebrating with some random locals.

The next day I was headed for Nepal. After about 30 hours of rattling through India, consuming only street food and chai, I witnessed my first sunset of 2008 jammed into a mini-bus with about 25 people whilst fighting a bout of dysentary.

Nepal suited me,

but I was excited to get back home, where Romney and I were about to surprise a lot of people with our bipartisan campaign, which commenced with a surprise ceremony in Switzerland.

Back at home, work was going well as P90X and Ten Minute Trainer became the two most popular fitness programs in the USA. As one of these programs creators, I then embarked on a blogging throughout my next round of X to shed light on some of the main questions we get on the Message Boards. Between this post in March, and this one in July, you’ll find a lot of info about 90X you won’t hear elsewhere.
Next, we got Beata back.

Who not only became a great companion for Tuco, but a great training partner for me. We promptly went out and stompeed the competition in a duathlon.

Our campaign then bought a new headquarters and commenced a series of victory parties.

If you shoot enough, you never know what you’ll catch:
romney girls with a slightly out-of-character mick in the background.
mom and lisa with a highly out-of-character bob in the background.
josh, completely in character, enjoying a party.
We then began zipping off from one adventure to the next.

The popularity of 90x took us from a how to look good in a bathing suit company to how to get ready for a professional athletics career. We continually find more and more athletes using it to enhance their sports performance, but it was still a surprise when X’s popularity landed a trip for (Beachbody President) Jon and I to the Olympics.

The fall lasted just long enough for a family-themed birthday challenge.

Then the snows hit, making it time to strap on the skis, make some goals for 2009, and concoct a new training plan.
tuco transforms into a wolf each winter.
Instead of resting on a successful 2008, Beachbody’s got big plans as well. We just launched ChaLEAN Extreme and will take an attempt to ante up on 90X with Shaun T’s Insanity. Shaun and I promoted it and his other programs and went in depth into how we’re going to cure our obesity epidemic on Blog Talk Radio. Our interview took so long it cut into my socializing at our holiday party.
with jonathan gelfand, esq., and slim in 6 creator debbie siebers at the beachbody bash.
As the holidays rolled around, Romney and I were completely traveled out. We spent some fantastic family quiet time skiing, lounging, and running in the New Year.

If it was her best New Year ever, it was certainly my best Christmas.

Happy New Year! Here’s to 2009.


  • Great report and great pictures. Love to the both of you and may your 2009 be awesome! -Deb

  • Hi Steve, I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your wedding slideshow. The music was awesome, your wife is so beautiful, and you both look so much in love. Be blessed! Krista

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