July 16, 2008 posted by topadmin

Big Cottonwood

I love the climbing in Big Cottonwood Canyon. This, apparently, is a strange sentiment. Most people I run across hate it. I find the rock some of the most friendly I’ve encountered. It’s smooth, so it doesn’t hurt my never-quite-conditioned fingers and challenges you with a never ending puzzle of bizarre sequences. Plus, I can run up there and knock off a few route in an hour or so. If you could take dogs I’d be up there all the time.

I’ve gotten into my head the harebrained idea of trying every route in BC. I’m not sure how it’ll go but I might as well record it. At least I’ll have a database of all the new activity at the established crags.

Most of my partners are only into harder stuff, so that’s almost all I’ve done. But my wife is a newbie and–at least so far–seems happy to accompany me on the easier classic lines. We’ll see how she feels about it as the tick list forces us to turn to obscura. Should be fun.

pic: The antithesis of obscure: Ben at The Pile

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