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The Big Picture

The Big Picture

I don’t write a lot of reviews but today I’ll make an exception. As a how to guy, not gear guy, it seems more beneficial to spend my time on topics not covered by others. The whole world is a critic, so I stick to my niche. This, however, is a review of a how to book, so it’s right in my wheelhouse. It also happens to be written by Tony Horton, along with Denis Faye whom, unless you’re stumbling on The Straight Dope for the first time,  you know are not only close colleagues, but friends.

 The Big Picture, 11 Laws That Will Change Your Life, should be a standard part of your fitness arsenal. You might point out that it’s not a fitness book, per say, to which you would be both right and wrong. I’ll let my Amazon review summarize.

The Tony You Think You Know…

…is Tony. 

Disclaimer: I work with both authors of this book and have known Tony since we began working together on P90X. As I always tell people who ask: the guy is the genuine article. What you see is what you get.

What you don’t get, however, in videos and on TV sound bites is his depth. This book brings it out, with clarity, thanks to his partner, my long time colleague, who is the single most talented writer I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Now in his mid 50’s, Tony both looks and acts decades younger. This isn’t just because he works out and eats well. It’s in his mindset. Our brains drive our bodies, and Tony’s defined time the way he has because he believes in life and engages it every step of the way. This book brings that side out, like no workout program can ever hope to do. If you’re really after the big picture: body, mind, and spirit, this book is essential reading and the perfect accouterment to whatever workout program you happen to be doing, whether it’s Tony’s or someone else’s.

If you’ve been around my blog or Beachbody for a while, you’ve probably heard of Tony’s 11 Laws. They first showed up on our Message Boards, back when Tony had time to dish our personal advice on our forums. Next, they appeared in our newsletters, where they were expanded into an 11-part series. But you’ve never seen them like this. Denis’ been around Beachbody almost as long as Tony. He’s seen the effects of Tony’s philosophy on people he works with everyday and, after all these years has a unique insight into Tony’s head. With his help, Tony’s been able to craft and tailor The 11 to reach the largest audience possible with the upmost effectiveness.  Those of us who’ve spent time with him know that  hanging out with Tony in person is way more fun then just watching him on video. This book doesn’t quite get you into his gym, but it’s pretty close.

I’ll close with an excerpt, which you can click on to read more.

If you’re still reading, it means you care enough about yourself enough to create the best life you can have. It means that you’re brave enough to break old, comfortable habits and make positive changes. It means you’re smart enough to know that spending a few hours with a book, getting honest and digging deep, is an investment in your future. That getting committed and doing the work are the keys to happiness and prosperity.

It means you are my kind of people. You have a notion of the Big Picture but you need a few tools to get you on your way. So step into my toolshed, friends. Grab and hammer and let’s get busy.

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