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Birthday Challenge Blog Is Up

My 2006 Birthday Challenge blog is up. It’s both instrutions for other challengers on doing their blogs but also some history, which I’ll past below as well.

I Thought It Up In A Dream, Actually

Birthday Challenges have been going on for a long time. The first I heard of them were through Jack LaLanne. I started doing my own in the mid 80s, which you can read about here (add link by clicking on the hyperlink icon above and adding your link.)

Since I set this site up they’ve become a lot more creative. Here are some good examples:

Reed 2000

Todd 2001

Hans 2004

Josh 2005

They’ve also gotten a lot harder.

Todd 2006

And how could they not, with training programs like this:

Bob’s training schedule, 2000

But the point, really, is to challenge yourself. “Hard” is relative and truly only means hard for you. Running a marathon may be a warm up for Catra, but is an epic undertaking for most people. A birthday challenge is worthy as long as it’s hard for you. It really doesn’t matter what it’s like for anyone else.

But by hard I mean HARD for you. If you know you can do it, it isn’t a challenge. Like the Big Daddy likes to say, “if you can afford to lose it, it ain’t gambling.” Ditto for a challenge. They key to this is the unknown. You should go in with no idea about whether you can make it or not. Truly, some of the best challneges fail. But success, or failure, isn’t point point, which is to get out there and chase the hairy edge as defined by you. Ultimately, what you’re after is the feeling of why haven’t I done a birthday challenge before?

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  • I’m sold. I’ll try it. I just have to think of something extremely hard so I can then appreciate all the ridiculously mundane, trivial and weighty trials of life. Lance said it took cancer to appreciate life. Maybe I’ll have lunch with my boss…every day for a week.

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