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Birthday Challenge Goes Epic

Birthday Challenge Goes Epic

“25 routes was going to be a huge challenge for me! I hadn’t climbed routes in… uhh… years.”

– Alex Johnson

Birthday Challenge goes epic this year, both literally and advertorial-ly as Epic TV has signed on to do a series featuring a bunch of challenges. The series kicked off with professional boulderer Alex Johnson doing her first birthday challenge, which you can see above.

The shows will be produced by The RV Project, Birthday Challenge alum’s Spenser Tang-Smith and Vicki Glinskii’s on-the-road, van-based, livin-the-dream business venture. This is a huge step up as far as BDC production values go. Now, instead of reading pages of mind-numbing accounts of personal odysseys (which I find rad, but I also listen of opera and read Shakespeare), you can check out challenges in a far more slick and popular format. It’s all so exciting that I may even find some time to update my Birthday Challenge web page, which has been living in limbo since 2007. Read more about their vision at:

The RV Project’s Birthday Challenge Pages

What I don’t see announced on this site is Spenser’s challenge. Kicking off in a couple of weeks, it’s going to be epic indeed—or f-in’ nuts to most of you. He’s following the format of Han Florine and my own 40th for his 30th—wait—I found it. It’s so rad I’m announcing it all by itself, later on.

Speaking of Hans and I, we’ve accepted the offer to, as Hans’ brother Neil (aka The Big Daddy) likes to say, “go big or go home”. My challenge, too, will be announced shortly. For now, I’ll leave with this very nice video of Alex dipping her toes into birthday challenge waters. While a bit of “birthday pretty hard,” that in no way diminishes anything. It looks like a great, memorable weekend, which is what matters most, by far. It’s also the most eloquently-produced birthday challenge yet done. Congrats, Alex!

Now I’d be start friggin’ training…

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