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Birthday Challenge Itinerary

“This is gonna hurt”

I’m not ready for this in any way, shape, or form, but it’s time for a challenge so,

This Friday, beginning at 5am, I’ll have 24 hours to complete the following:

– 460 point bouldering day*
– Ride 46 miles with 4,600′ of elevation gain (Figueroa Mtn)
– Run for 46 minutes uphill with 460 X 4 of elevation gain, and run back down, totally 9.2 kilometers of running (summit of Refugio Rd)
– 46 46-second sets of Zissou-approved “these are great” warm-ups
– Drink 40 ounces of wine “Pour the wine over here. He doesn’t know anything about wine.”
– Drink 6 Camparis, “on the rocks,” poured by an intern
– Smoke 4 pipe loads of Borkum Riff “I don’t usually try grass”
– Eat 46 sardines and bananas

Anyone who cares to join me, is more than welcome,


Follow the entire challenge at:

Birthday Challenge Blog

* Point scale for boulder problems. All done at Red Rocks.

V0- = 1
V0 = 2
V0+ = 3
V1 = 4
V2 = 5
V3 = 6
V4 = 7
V5 = 8



  • ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!- Smoke 4 pipe loads of Borkum Riff “I don’t usually try grass”- Eat 46 sardines and bananasblaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAre you insane?LOLMonique

  • Friday in your honor I will: study Dutch for 46 minutes, do a total of 46 pushups, and kiss my daughter 46 times on the belly. Much Love, Deb

  • Steve, great article at

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