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Birthday Challenge: Nerd Style

Birthday Challenge: Nerd Style

“Everything in moderation. Including moderation.”
– Oscar Wilde

High five to the Fitness Nerd, Denis Faye, for completing his first birthday challenge. As we wandered though Redondo Beach as the clock approached midnight, searching for his final burrito and beer, he kept saying, “this has been, by far, the best birthday of my life.”

A poster child for fat-nerdy-kid turned svelte adult nutrition expert, Faye’s challenge is particularly impressive given he’d recently come off back hip and shoulder surgeries that had rendered him nearly immobile. On top of that, he’d only begun cycling a couple of months prior. He has, however, been a beer aficionado since he’s college days when he penned a wildly popular, often beer infused column for the local paper called “The Video Guy.”


The challenge was to:

Ride 43 miles with at least 4,300′ of elevation gain
Lift 43,000 pounds (all upper body and no body weight exercises)
Do 43 minutes of yoga and a…
43 breath meditation
43 minute walk with Bruce
East 4.3 “real” burritos (big–no fast food, etc)
Drink 4.3 “real” coffees (at least a double espresso)
Drink 4.3 beers
Drink 43 different beer tasters (min 1 oz)
Entertain 43 friends


The day began with coffee, half of a burrito, and a sunrise walk with Bruce to get warmed up for what would be the hardest ride of his life…

The rest I’ll leave to Denis, a far cleverer writer than I. Click the paragraph below for what will be well worth a few minutes of your time.

My Birthday Challenge was not a day for moderation. It was a day for excess and celebration. I’m sure that I’m not the only person in the room here who’s come back into their body after a long period of pain, frustration, or (insert crappy thing here). Some of you who came to this blog through Beachbody might even be celebrating your fitness after an entire lifetime of being trapped in an adipose prison. You, especially, need to do a Birthday Challenge. Take your bag of bones, tendons, and muscles out for a serious test spin. Open ‘er up and see what you really got under the hood.


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