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Block III

My legs were pretty cooked from yesterday’s adventure so I began the third 90x block with Back & Biceps and now I’m so pumped that my arms are swollen up like a tick. I’ve been preferring lately to switch things up by doing Legs & Back on Monday to have the legs more recovered by the weekend. This weekend should be interesting after doing legs on Friday.

This block will be a short three weeks as we’re heading off to Tahoe during the middle of that week. Tahoe will be catagorized as a recovery week but I’m thinking that a lot of riding will be happening that may be anything but recovery. Romney and I (well, at least the I part) are excited to tackle Ebbets Pass and its 24 percent grades on our tandem and I’m looking forward to some good hippie bike riding with the lads. With Speedgoat still on the schedule, a couple of peaks are going to need to be bagged as well.

The summer is shaping up and I’m tentatively targeting two good endurance challenges. One is a 170 mile road race, the Tour of Park City. The other is my newer version of the old E100 course. This should set me up to start thinking about next fall’s birthday challenge.

This will be the last block of traditional X. With mainly cycling and running on the agenda all of this upper body muscle is mainly for fitness. Of course, who knows when I’ll get psyched to do some climbing as well and might use it? I do plan to do a forth block in July that features more specific sports training along with a lot of P90X Plus.

First things first. The next two-point-five weeks will focus on finishing strong in traditional X and streamling the diet. I plan to drop a few pounds between now and July, so I’ll axe the junk, eat as I should, and maybe suffer a little bit.

Here’s the schedule:

Week 1,2

M – Back & Biceps, ARX
T – Plyometrics & hard ride
W – Chest, Shoulders, Arms, ARX & hilly run
T – Yoga X & hard ride
F – Legs & Back
S,S – outside stuff

Week 3

M – Legs & Back, ARX
T – Yoga X, hard ride
W – Chest, Shoulders, Arms, ARX, hard run
Off to Tahoe…

Diet Rules: nothing is off just yet except binging and complete junk food. I’ll keep my calories just under what I’m buring. So instead of bowls of cereal I’ll have a bowl. Instead of a smothered burrito it’ll be plain. Instead of beers I’ll have a beer. That should be about all it’ll take to take me to the next level. Fitness is not far off right now. I think Bob, Josh, and Reed are all in, too, which is an odd serendipity. Maybe even Romney. It’ll be easier this way, since we’ll all have Tahoe as the focus.

pic: workin’ on the Burt Reynolds look. I may need to dye that chest hair before the next photo shoot. And grow a moustache, which goes without saying.


  • Hey Steve – always enjoy your blogs. Quick question: I am on my last recovery wk with doubles & I’m gonna do another round of TheX starting June 30. Will it ‘hurt’ to do another round of doubles while I’m trying to work off that last hurrah of fat?? Thanks as always.

  • hey sterling,no, it won’t hurt at all unless you feel like it’s hurting. if you’re tired all the time, it’s too much. on the other hand if it’s becoming too routine you might want to mix it up a little by doing a different workout for your “double” segment.

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