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Blog Role

Blog Role

This title is not a typo, even though this post is a roll of sorts. Denis Faye’s blog, The Real Nutrition Nerd, has been on fire lately so today I’m going to highlight the purpose of our two blogs, in hopes that you’ll be swayed to add them to your  reading agenda. Check out this excerpt from Faye’s latest, on vitamin C, Linus Pauling, and so-called hippy-science.

Sadly, this is a pretty common occurrence. Holistic medical fixes aren’t usually big earners, so Big Pharma doesn’t seem too interested. In Patrick Holford’s book, New Optimum Nutrition for the Mind, he discusses the link between excessive homocysteine and Alzheimer’s. Homocysteine is an amino acid that’s part of a hormone-creating process called methylation. When the process breaks down, the body is stuck with excess homocysteine–and that appears to be connected to a number of mental health issues. It’s generally believed that this issue can be fixed with proper folate and B12 supplementation, but you’re not going to see massive research on this because, according to Holford, “the discovery of the homocysteine link will ultimately be bad news for the pharmaceutical industry’s profits from potentially competitive drugs.”

Heady stuff, this isn’t the same escapist reading we provide via our other informational outlets, like the Beachbody newsletters and our various social channels. Not that those are bad. They aren’t. But we have a different agenda. Our blogs are meant to be educational, first and foremost, with (hopefully) enough entertainment value to keep you interested. They spawned from demand, by a growing audience asking for a deeper level of information than could be conveyed in sound bites and the “ topic 101” mentality favored today in mainstream formats.  For example, here’s Denis nerding out on the oh-so un-cool, yet very topical topic of herpes.

Long story short, there’s no cure for herpes. Like all viruses, herpes doesn’t have cells. It’s typically just a strand of DNA or RNA coated with a protein shell. It reproduces by invading living cells and using their “cell machinery.” When it’s not doing this, it’s simply an inactive chemical structure, most likely hanging out in your sensory or autonomic ganglia (nerve cell clusters), waiting to be triggered into action. As we’ve learned from The Walking Dead, it’s a challenge to kill something that’s not alive, so while there are some anti-viral drugs out there, viruses are a much tougher target than bacteria, which has all their own cells, allowing them to be killed using antibiotics.

Both of our blogs go off on personal tangents. Occasionally just for a laugh but, usually, we’re using  our own life involvement as templates for you to work off of. Understand how I tick and you’ll have a better understanding of how to build a personalized training program and tweak your diet to fit your lifestyle. Understand Denis and you’ll learn what it’s like to have changed your life from overweight sloth to nutrition and fitness crusader, raising a daughter in an obese world.

Between the two of us, we cover a lot of fitness and nutritional ground at a level that’s somewhere in between a dry text book and the catchy-yet-often-vapid “Top 10” style the media’s in love with. We hope you enjoy the balance.

On today’s faux subject, two does not a blog roll make. Since changing venues, I’ve yet to set up a new one.  But when I do, you can believe it’ll be one worth sharing. For now, we’re an army of two trying to conquer a world of ignorance about the body’s relationship with food and exercise; hopefully with a few forays of laughs.

pic: denis and steve doing a live video chat, circa 2035


  • I truly appreciate both this blog and the Nerd. It’s great how you guys speak your minds and don’t seem to be shackled or constrained by corporate. I hardly bother with other nutrition and fitness blogs; most of them are there just to sell something. You guys don’t even run BB ads!

    • Thanks, guys. Galina, I’ll see what I can do. Maybe, at least, 30 minute chats. We’ll look at some of our options to keep those fitness chats alive. Maybe using the low-budg style of the birthday challenge I can make it happen.

    • That would be wonderful Steve, your knowledge of both fitness and nutrition is the most valuable bcs it is based on experience from sport oriented lifestyle as well as your way of unswerving questions is the most precise and comes from the heart and it is shows… I like Tony’s Q&A videos too but he is not around this winter when we most need him! However yours are the absolute top notch and I think Beachbody will be at its loss if you won’t be able to do this chats for us! Much love and happiness on this V day to both you and your beautiful wife! Galina K.

  • Sreve, I challenge you to do one video Q&A on fitness per month – those are so informative and valuable to us who working out home alone with Beachbody programs and wondering if we doing the right thing with this and that… I watched your previous challenge videos so many times now they are perfect – question and answer… miss that level of a chat…coffee…who cares…we all drink it every morning all our lives anyway…sorry just so disappointed about today’s chat…was looking forward to it. sincerely, Galina. Got my P90X3 package today – excited about that tho!

  • Agree with the above: love both of your blogs and especially the video Q&A’s.

  • Just a heads up since you moved to a different sites and changed the format newsreaders do not work. A newsreader made reading the site very easy. Every time content is added that you follow you are able to read it from the reader and do this for all the sites you follow….

    • Thanks very much! I’ll look into it asap.

    • Which reader? I don’t have issues reading the site in Feedly.

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