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BODathon Training For Sports

BODathon Training For Sports

The BODathon is a intensive training program I set up for Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler so he could train for something big in his limited time. Read more about it by clicking here, here, and here. This article is how to use this schedule if you’re training for something outside, like a triathlon, marathon, Spartan race, etc. It’s a little late in coming, since we’ve got three weeks in the can, but there will be more BODathons in the future so this is can be a reference post.

When not to partake.

If you’re event happens within the two-month scope of the BODathon, do not attempt this program. It will just break you down and make you worse. You’ll get better eventually. Just not in time for your event.

To use this program, you should have at least three weeks after it for your targeted goal. Otherwise you’re better off just training the activity you’re going to do.

Altering the schedule to match yours

Once you’ve decided to invest, you’ll want to move the BODathon around (as little as possible) to match your schedule. Since most people have more time on the weekends, that’s when we do the lion’s share of our sports-specific training. So the first thing I did was to move the recovery day from Thurs to Fri, moving Friday’s workout to Thursday.

The next thing I did was to look at my work travel schedule, and then change problematic days to something more realistic to get done. For example, anything requiring equipment got swapped out if my only chance to workout was going to be in a hotel room. This is easy to do on BOD, since there are so many workout options.

Finally, you need to take a realistic look at your sports training and decide what needs to be dropped in the BODathon schedule. For example, the many double training session in the schedule are there to help you get at the “sport” of BODathon. If you’re also adding sports training, those workouts are no longer necessary.

Sports Specific Training

Won’t be addressed here except because it changes for every sport. The reason you would want to add the BODathon program is because you need overall fitness aside from sports training. How much sports training you do should be a reflection of you next event. General training should be done as far away from sports goals as possible, thus the cliché “wins are made in the off season.”

Getting worse to get better

It is important to note that you’re performance will almost certainly get worse before it gets better. This is by design. We’re breaking down weak areas in your body in order to make them stronger. This will affect performance in the short term. Be ok with this, otherwise you’re unlikely to see your program through to its end.

Then why would I do it?

Because your body needs balance and harmony in order to perform its best and training does this much better than sports. This particular BODathon is based on full body conditioning, including balance and mobility. It’s an excellent program to keep your body healthy. If it’s hard for you, then you probably have a weakness that better to address in the course of a program designed to help it, rather than a sport where you’re likely to get injured once that weakness hits a certain point.

Now, with all this in mind, here’s how, and why, I scheduled my personal BODathon.

 Training Objectives: Improve hip strength, mobility, and power output = Red to Green in P3 assessment.

 2nd objective: Build solid base for climbing, running, riding, perhaps for decent birthday challenge end of Nov. Improve climbing speed.

Injuries – hip impingement, so add more Pilates

WEEK ONE (began Sept 1)

Tuesday: P90X3′s Eccentric Upper/ P90′s Ab Ripper A

Wednesday: FOCUS T25′s Cardio and running drills NIS (stretching) and Hangboard/Power forearms/forearm stretching

Thursday: P90X3′s Eccentric Lower/P90′s Ab Ripper B and mtb ride

Friday: 21 Day Fix’s Yoga and mtb ride

Saturday: 21 Day Fix’s Pilates and Ride/run and/or climb

Sunday: Easy yoga and foam rolling and Ride/run or climb

Changing recovery day to Friday due to weekend adventures.

  • Hangboard is Fit for fall in 4 weeks protocol
  • Running drills are here.
  • Not counting dog hikes, which happen every day I’m home and all the workouts are indoors, usually 2x/day, usually pretty steep.
  • Climb/ride/run based on how I feel, following Stevie Haston’s training rule #1, #2, and #3: Don’t get injured!


Monday: my own plyo work/Pilates/running drills and Ride/run or climb

Tuesday: Body Beast’s Total Body and Beast Abs and mtb ride NIS (stretching)

Wednesday: 21 Day Fix’s Cardio Fix and hangboard or boulder/power forearms/forearm stretches and NIS

Thursday: ChaLEAN Extreme’s Lean Circuit 1 and Ab Burner and short, easy yoga

Friday: ChaLEAN Extreme’s Dynamic Yoga Flow

Saturday: Body Beast’s Cardio and ride/run/climb and NIS/easy yoga

Sunday: P90X3′s Pilates/easy yoga and ride/run/climb


Monday: INSANITY: THE ASYLUM Vol. 1: Speed and Agility

Tuesday: P90X2′s Total Body and Ab Ripper and Hangboard/power forearms/rice bucket/stretch/NIS

Wednesday: 21 Day Fix EXTREME: Pilates and running drills NIS (stretching) and ride/run

Thursday: INSANITY: THE ASYLUM Vol. 1′s Strength

Friday: P90X3′s Dynamic

Saturday: INSANITY: THE ASYLUM Vol. 1′s Back to Core and Climb/ride and/or run

Sunday: 21 Day Fix EXTREME’s Yoga and climb/ride or run


Monday: 21 Day Fix EXTREME’s Plyo and Pilates

Tuesday: P90X2’s Total Body and hangboard/power forearms/NIS

Wednesday: P90X3′s Complex Lower and running drills NIS (stretching) and easy run/NIS

Thursday: P90X3’s Complex Upper and climb/hangboard/power forearms/NIS

Friday: P90X2′s Mobility and running drills and easy ride/run/NIS

Saturday: Climb, ride and/or run and Pilates of some kind

Sunday: Climb, ride and/or run and yoga of some kind

WEEK FIVE (Recovery Week)

Monday: P90X’s Yoga

Tuesday: P90X2′s Mobility and hangboard/PF/NIS

Wednesday: P90X3′s Yoga and easy long running/drills

Thursday: INSANITY: Max Recovery and easy long mtb

Friday: PiYo Live’s Stretch and Flow

Saturday: long ride and/or run and easy yoga

Sunday: Climb hard

* Some kind of fast/cleanse M – F


Monday: Bolt, clean, work, hike

Tuesday: Climb hard

Wednesday: Beast Total Body & 21 DF Pilates and mtb ride

Thursday: P90X3′s Complex Lower and Ab Ripper

Friday: P90X2′s Mobility

Saturday: P90X3′s Complex Upper and running drills NIS and ride/run/climb/easy yoga

Sunday: P90X’s Core Synergistics and ride/run and/or climb


Monday: Body Beast’s Total Body and 21 Day Fix EXTREME’s Plyo

Tuesday: P90X3’s Pilates and climb/hangboard/power forearms/NIS

Wednesday: Long ride or run and running drills NIS (stretching) and P90X2′s PAP Upper

Thursday: P90X2′s PAP Lower and X2 Ab Ripper

Friday: P90X2′s Mobility

Saturday: Owltoberfest (limit climb)

Sunday: Dalai Lama (limit climb)


Monday: P90X’s Core Synergistics

Tuesday: Body Beast’s Total Body and 21 Day Fix EXTREME’s Plyo and Asylum’s Relief

Wednesday: recovery ride/run and boulder/hangboard/NIS

Thursday: P90X3′s Complex Lower and X3 Ab Ripper

Friday: P90X2′s Mobility

Saturday: Climb/ride and/or run

Sunday: Climb/ride and/or run


Monday: P90X3′s Complex Upper and X3 Ab Ripper

Tuesday: Body Beast Cardio and recovery run

Wednesday: P90X3′s Dynamix and recovery ride

Thursday: P90X2′s Mobility

Friday: off

Saturday: BODathon (P90X’s Core Synergistics and Body Beast’s Total Body and 21 Day Fix EXTREME’s Plyo Fix Extreme and INSANITY: THE ASYLUM Vol. 1′s Relief for the cool down.)

* 3-day Refresh W- F

Nov 1 – Ride/Run/Climb test

Nov 22 – some type of Birthday Challenge

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