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July 27, 2007 posted by

Bottled Water Sucks!

Finally this topic is getting some play. This was a headline topic today. I’m proud to announce that my town is one of two–so far–that are trying to ban this junk.

Bottled Water From The Tap

I wrote an article on this a couple of years back. At the time I got a lot of shocked responses, including one from Pepsi saying that I “didn’t know what I was talking about”. I got another from someone saying “I trust companies like Coke and Pepsi with my health…” Say what? This is probably why our obesity rates continue skyrocket.

I love the part where they say they don’t make much money on bottled water. Um, right. Run some tap water through a reverse osmosis filter and sell it for 3 bucks a gallon. Are you kidding?

Here are some more stats and my original article:

What’s In Your Water?

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