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Cancer, Day 1 – Are We Really The Lucky Ones?

Cancer, Day 1 – Are We Really The Lucky Ones?

I’ll start posting the vids I’ve made, starting with the day I heard about cancer. Not sure where this will lead but it could be interesting, particularly   for people with non-Hodgekins lymphoma or mantle cell. Maybe even cancer/fitness/nutrition in general. I’ve certainly learned a boatload of new things, so far, and I’m just getting started. This blog’s about education and it’s about challenges. Both should be covered well here. Lance always said “we’re the lucky ones” about cancer. Like a lot of things he said, I’ve oft wondered how much hyperbole was in the statement. Now I get to find out. Lucky me.

Day 1 was July 3rd, which made for a weird holiday weekend. Not knowing is probably always worth than knowing. My “hypothesis” or guess, though there is some thought process at hand, is going to seem way off. However, they more I’m learning the more I think it may not be. Time, and more data and info on my disease, will tell. You know, or not.


  • Steve, the name of that cancer is just a made up name by some scientist it doesn’t mean anything at all in reality, it is just your body response or (a massage to you) that something you need to change in your life, it is the whole body not the isolated area that needs support and nourishment in some new way… CHAGA… not the synthetic drugs and other profitable to someone procedures that will support your body with healing itself and you should tell your body to start doing it. With much love and appreciation, Galina.

  • Hi, Steve. I’ve long enjoyed your work, beginning with my introduction to P90X a good number of years ago now, and have loved the blog as fitness is a great interest of mine. I lost a brother to cancer as a young man, and I have to say, you are certainly handling this situation with great aplomb. Wishing you the very best, thank you for taking us with you on this journey. We’re pullin’ for you. 🙂

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