Day 10 - Biology of Cancer
August 19, 2014 posted by

Cancer, Day 10 – The Biology of Cancer

Cancer, Day 10 – The Biology of Cancer

This has nothing to do with the biology of cancer. That was just the name of a class I had in college. It’s just another musing on the journey about staying positive and not getting bogged down by things that are unknown. Cancer is an odd disease in that it doesn’t have clear symptoms. All you can do to fight it involves cleaning up your mind and lifestyle. Mine were pretty good to begin with but it helps you refocus with a bit more purpose.  The other thing it forces you to do is research. I’ve learned a lot more about cancer in ten days than I did in the above class, which frankly I don’t remember very well. I probably spent most of it occupying various administration buildings, smoking thai stick, and bowling. Well, Dude, we just don’t know.

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