Day 41 - Let Performance Be Your Guide
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Cancer, Day 41 – Let Performance Be Your Guide

Cancer, Day 41 – Let Performance Be Your Guide

 “I don’t argue with the body Jerry. It’s an argument you can’t win.”

– Kramer

I’m constantly advising people to let performance be their guide when it comes to weight loss, recovery, injury rehab and prehab and so on. This is because the body doesn’t lie very often, especially if you’re in tune with how yours works. I was initially a little hesitant to run this scenario when it came to something I don’t understand, like cancer, but it worked like a charm (see video). Granted, not the charm I’d have liked, but at least it didn’t lie.

It seems as the de-facto mode in our drug-and-junk addled society is to mask our body’s signals. I’ve never understood that too much, since this dialog is absolutely fascinating. I supposed drugs can be that way, too, but if you’re constantly masking your natural signals you’re missing out on heaps of great stuff in life. I guess I’m going to find out more about drugs than I ever thought. Interested to gauge how a life of au natural is going to jive with that. Maybe good, maybe bad but, either way, at least I’m learning something new.

With that we end the pre-treatment cancer series. The blog will now get back to it’s regularly scheduled programming, along with periodic cancer reports as there will be much discovery happening. Already I’m experiment with some dietary protocols to maximize chemo and I’m pretty sure I’ll come out of this with a pretty decent hospital training plan. Rumor has it (though I never heard of it actually happening) is that rock climber Tony Yaniro casted his entire body so it would atrophy because he wanted to build it back up to be more sport specific. Whether true or not, he did establish what at the time was the hardest route in the world, and I like the template regardless. I’ve done some body sculpting in the past. This will give me another chance at it. Should be an interesting journey.



  • Best of luck with chemo, Steve. I have been following your posts, and I support you in defeating cancer. In your last beachbody chat with Denis, I asked you about coffee and caffeine (even though your chat was about injuries). I should have asked you about my right oblique, which has been bothering me since February. I abruptly stopped my round of 10 Minute Trainer (i was doing 3x a day, which IMHO is more brutal than X3) after 7 weeks to allow the oblique to heal. I figured 15 days was appropriate healing time, since that is what the Milwaukee Brewers are giving pitcher Matt Garza, who has the same injury. Do you concur? I have not seen a doctor. I don’t know what the injury is, but all of the pilates from X3 and 10MT (the abs workout) has kept it from healing properly.

  • Oliver,

    Thanks! Interesting you commented on this post since your answer is in the title. Obliques generally heal quickly but, since they are easily strained, you want to be careful when coming back. You can exercise around it by modifying for that your oblique doesn’t hurt as soon as there is no pain. Be careful, however, about straining it until you can do the workouts that “don’t use it” (feels like is more the right word since it’s used in most movements). Pitching is very oblique-oriented as it’s a primary muscle in that rotational action. I’d assuming following his protocol would be plenty. Still, when you begin take it easy. I’m sure that is the instruction he’s been given. He won’t just read and then pitch in a game cold turkey.

    • Thanks for responding Steve. My fifteen day recovery period ends on Sunday. I think i will start a round of P90X classic on Monday. I’ve never been injured doing that program (five time graduate!), and I think the difficult core moves of X2 and X3 could pose a problem. I love the X focus on Pull Ups, too. Any tips on increasing my pull up numbers? Personal best is 13 chin ups and 11 front wides. I’m in the habit of doing max for pull ups, and then putting my foot on the chair and ripping off 4 to 16 more.

  • I wish you the best of luck, Steve. You have served as a model for myself, and for an entire generation. Your words of wisdom have come in handy on more than one occasion. I have faith in your ability to defeat this pesky cancer that thinks it is a match for the great Steve Edwards. Cheers.

  • Thanks, though there’s nothing particularly great about me. Just an average dude with an above average curiosity about life. Glad my passing it on can help some people. Cheersmate!

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