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August 18, 2014 posted by

Cancer, Day 8 – Not As Bad As I Thought

Cancer, Day 8 – Not As Bad As I Thought

Spent more time in hospitals the first week I was diagnosed than in my life, combined. None of it was as bad as I thought. It’s weird because it feels like there’s nothing really wrong with me but, I guess, that’s how cancer is. Today was bone marrow biopsy and a colonoscopy. Neither awesome, but neither awful either. Most PT sessions are far more painful.

Every time I have to fill out new paperwork the receptionist can’t believe how quickly I bring it back. That’s because my I have no health history. The sheet is practically blank. Now it’s adding up quickly. I’ve taken very few drugs my entire life. Soon I’ll be existing on them. Life is strange that way. Glad we have the options. And the machine that goes bing.

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