Day 16 - 22 - Strange Case
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Cancer, Days 16 – 22: A Strange Case

Cancer, Days 16 – 22: A Strange Case

These vids show progression of my case, which just gets stranger as results, and lack of them, filter¬†in. While the treatment path seems clear, the pathology isn’t, though the rationale with MCL is to treat it as aggressively as possible based on the health of the patient (meaning I can take the whole enchilada) for the greatest effect, no matter what stage it’s in or how little is detected. The strange thing is that it feels as though mine is gone, as all signs and symptoms are gone, unless you’re get really nit picky, at which point you’re starting to look like a hypochondriac. If all the cancer is gone do we treat, or not? It sentiment seems to be that if there’s one active mantle cell than you need to try and kill it or you are going to run into serious issues in the future, no matter how it’s behaving now. Still, it’s hard to make that call when your cancer is actually regressing. If you watched my intro vids, a lot of this is now redundant but I wanted to get the timeline down as we don’t really now how things will shake out over time. At least there’s a lot of nice scenery and shots of the dogs.

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