Day 24-28 - Feel Fantastic
August 23, 2014 posted by

Cancer, Days 24-28: Feel Fantastic

Cancer, Days 24-28: Feel Fantastic

To paraphrase a movie quote we use regularly, I feel good. Strong. Unfortunately, we’re having a bit of cancer today. This about sums things up, as you’ll see in the vids. Feeling great. Totally recovered and ready to get back into serious training. Unfortunately, I’m probably going into six months of chemo instead (granted, this should prove to be a form of training, too). I’d love to have another PET scan right now. I’d bet that my cancer’s regressed to virtually nothing.

The latest research shows that cancers can behave a lot like viruses and some doctors are thinking we’ll be combating them very similarly to how we deal with viruses in the future. It’s already happening in many cases and, in fact, that is exactly how most of the MCL clinical trials are going right now. I have a lot of theories on this, that are evolving as I learn, but now isn’t the time as there are bigger fish to fry, such as what my immediate course should be.

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