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Cancer Diagnosis, History, & Slated Treatment

Cancer Diagnosis, History, & Slated Treatment

I’m honored at all the attention I’m getting since my announcement yesterday. Thank you all and I will, eventually, respond to everyone who’s written. It may take a while so just know that I very much appreciate it.

Here’s the long version of what’s going on. As you will see, we’re still working out the details. The treatment looks set, yet it’s not, until we dig a little bit more and hear back from NIH but it’s definitely looking like a five-month ultra intensive treatment. While I’m sure it’s going to suck, I could also look at it like I’m getting off light compared to, say, an ACL/MCL tear where I might not be moving normal for a year. I suppose that’s a tad optimist but that’s kind of how I roll.

Anyway, this will catch you up. I’ll be making one more post, looking for case studies, and then I’ll begin posting the vids I’ve been making of the entire process. Being the white mouse that I am, there’s some dietary chemo stuff that looks promising (on actual white mice) that I’m reasonably interested in given a human spin to. You’ll be privy to that, and more even more riveting cancer fun in the upcoming months. First, however, I need a clear diagnosis and a mini birthday challenge to complete.

Blast it!


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