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When we think of the word carnivore we tend to think of something big and nasty with sharp teeth. With only two sharp teeth each we hardly resemble any animal that exists primarily on flesh, so should a study like this be surprising?

Study: Lots of red meat increases mortality risk

For those coherent enough to make it here this is probably stuff for the duh files, but I thought I’d point it out nonetheless. Here’s an excerpt.

Over 10 years, eating the equivalent of a quarter-pound hamburger daily gave men in the study a 22 percent higher risk of dying of cancer and a 27 percent higher risk of dying of heart disease. That’s compared to those who ate the least red meat, just 5 ounces per week.

Interesting to note that these numbers, as bad as they seem, aren’t as bad as those who drank diet soda daily. I wonder if Carl’s Jr’s “burger, fries, and coke” campaign can be sued for attempted murder?

images: it’s cool to be tough but even cooler when you use your brain. btw, the “download P90X for free” pop-up is from a scam site in China. We’re after them but, being in China and all, it’s tough from a legal perspective. Careful what you click on.


  • Love that video…you hit it on the head with this post. I have been a vegetarian for only 3 months now, only when I saw what was done to animals for humans to eat. Then I read the explanation of how human beings are simply not meant to ingest meat (not condemning meat eaters out there!). Do we have fangs? Could anyone you know go out and bite a lion or buffalo and take it down? Could you ingest their raw meat without getting sick? Probably not.

  • we don’t each red meat here in France…it’s horrible, tough and nasty. I want to know what it says about the people that drink diet coke as Mr. A drinks atleast 2 a day.

  • guess it would help to scroll down before asking the question yes? Although I wouldn’t call Bruce obese and he’s not sick very often either…hummm

  • It’s definitely worth mentioning again, particularly in light of those promoting paleolithic diets and the like. It sounds kind of animalistic and such like “oh now I’m going to be a big muscly gorilla”. But there are prices to be paid. Not to mention the hormones and way animals are raised has to have a negative impact. Not a great idea if you want to make it to a healthy old age!

  • @Demi Eliese: Steve’s post was not about meat in general but red meat. Humans are omnivores… we are designed to eat meat.

  • I didn’t read the stuff about eating meat. I just looked at the picture and thought “I want to be the lion.” I’m gonna go eat more red meat now. Phil

  • Thank you for posting this!I’m a vegan P90X’er and doing just fine.Before P90X, people would hear about my vegetarianism and say, “oh you must be so healthy”… Pshaw!! Cheese pizzas, ice cream and 2 liter bottles of Coke are vegetarian!!Two terrific books on this topic are: “The China Study” and “Green for Life”.All the best,Greg RichardsonDiamond CoachTeam Beachbody

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