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The Case Of The 78-Year Old Vegan Bodybuilder

The Case Of The 78-Year Old Vegan Bodybuilder

Here at The Straight Dope you’ve seen a lot of testaments featuring vegan athletes and aging bodybuilders. Today’s Friday Psyche features both, a 78-year-old bodybuilder who’s vegan. Jim Morris, a bodybuilding legend, wasn’t always vegan. He didn’t become vegetarian until he retired from bodybuilding in 1985 and became vegan sometime later, with nothing but great results. The Huffington Post reports,

“When I was competing and stuffing down all of that sort of stuff, I had lots of digestive problems. I was constipated and bloated and just miserable all the time. . . . I know as a fact I would not be here and I would not be in this condition now had I continued eating the way I was.”

 He encourages others to adopt the vegan lifestyle, so they can feel as good as he does.

“Milk is for babies”, he says. “Humans, as far as I know, are the only creatures that continue to drink milk once they’ve been weaned. … I think a lot of people don’t realise if they would stop drinking milk and [consuming] all of the milk products, they would say, ‘Wow, I didn’t realise I could feel this good’.”



You can read more on Morris’ story in the link. It’s powerful stuff that just might have you reconsidering the way you eat. For a long time, both nutritionists and athletes alike claimed you couldn’t get maximal human performance without animal protein. While we’ve scientifically been able to show the claim makes little sense for quite some time, it’s only the recent advent of athletes like Morris championing plant-based diets that have started the movement to change the public’s mindset.

At Beachbody, we’ve been on the bandwagon before, well, there was a wagon. Or a band.  All of our robust nutrition guides feature vegan eating options. Shakeology comes in multiple vegan flavors, most of our supplements have been re-formulated for vegans, and the Ultimate Reset is a gentle pathway towards a vegan diet. Beachbody’s Advice Staff on the Message Boards, Denis Faye (aka The Nutrition Nerd), is also currently running a research project on the optimal vegan diet for endurance athletes. For us, Morris is just another case for what we’ve been championing all along. The standard American diet (SAD) is nothing but a veiled marketing scam. You can choose to eat meat, and/or like to eat meat, but you don’t need it for performance. We are omnivores after all.

pic credits: PETA (above) and chevrolet (top), for the great ad they ran in the 70s. 


  • A Vegan is not an omnivore.

    • Excuse me if that came out wrong. The point is that omnivores can live on anything, they don’t need meat.

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