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Charging Like Madmen

The Eagles’ strength and conditioning coach is a big advocate of P90X. He talked to Tony after yesterday’s season opener, after the Eagles laid a can of whoop-ass on the Rams.

Just got off the phone with Rick B. He gave half the team our recovery formula at half time. The Rams were bonking and the Eagles who drank our stuff were charging like madmen in the heat. McNabb threw for over 300 yards and Rick is convinced that he’s been using the X (He won’t admit to it) because he’s never been this lean coming into the season. Rick told me point blank that P90X played a roll in this win today. Is that crazy or what???

Here’s an article on why Recovery Formula works.

Here are Akers’ stats from yesterday.

On Sep 7, 2008, at 2:28 PM, Horton Tony wrote:

The Eagles capped the 11-play, 82-yard drive (6 minutes, 20 seconds) with Akers’ PAT and led 14-0 withi 1:53 to go in the quarter.

Akers kicked off and it went deep into the end zone and was downed for a touchback.

Akers kicked 67 yards to the Rams’ 3.

Akers came on and booted a 23-yard field goal to give Philadelphia a 31-0 lead.

Akers kicked 64 yards to the Rams’ 6


  • Hi Steve,I came across this guy on youtube: has at least two of the p90x dvds in full available for all to see.Matt

  • They mentioned this on SI at one point but not P90X by name only said “an infomercial he had seen”. Still – nice to be mentioned. They said watch him to rejuvenate himself this year. Last year was a down year for him so if he improves I think you have to give credit to P90X in part!

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