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Climb Better, Dance Better, Dress Better…

Climb Better, Dance Better, Dress Better…

… for this weekend’s Psyche how about some fashion domination, beginning with some old Soul Train footage that fits better with Daft Punk than anything the band could possibly think to make up these days. Besides some insanely rad dancing and outta sight threads, all I can think of is how the hell did this show ever go off the air?! It’s like the best TV ever.

Am I crying?

Next we have more trending fashion, as climbing’s Harry Potter continues to redefine the sport. And not just by climbing lightning fast (climbers once though slow and controlled motions were the key to success) or saying things like

“[the route is] 45 meters of pumpy 9a and 10 meters of really bouldery 9a, which doesn’t sound that bad…”

when, in fact, the audience of people who can do either one of those things is minuscule and those who can comprehend the entire sentence is exists only in one person’s mind: his. But more than that, you’ve got the best climber in the world, on video, busting attire that looks like he’s a part of Team Zissou. I mean, of course he is. Even if he’s not that strong a swimmer. Order him a red cap and a speedo.


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