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Coffee Makes You Too Awesome For Suicide

Coffee Makes You Too Awesome For Suicide

You can’t shake a stick without hitting some positive coffee news lately. I don’t know what the hell that cliché means but the one thing I’m sure of is that if I drink enough coffee I’ll figure it out. We’ve recently seen studies showing that coffee reduces your risk of getting cancer or having a stroke, staves off depression, improves sports performance and brain function. Now we’re hearing it will keep you from killing yourself. Newser reports,

An eye-opening little stat to ponder over your morning joe: Harvard researchers say drinking two to four cups of coffee a day appears to cut the risk of suicide by a whopping 50%.

Make sense to me, because coffee drinkers are way too busy buzzing around being awesome to even consider the alternative. But I’ll take it to the bank anyway. See, that cliché I get and it’s only been one cup of coffee since I started writing this post. Every day, once a day, give yourself a present…


  • Thought I should add some of the F/B banter, so far. Worthy discussion…

  • Denis Faye Quite possibly your best headline ever. What am I saying? Quite possibly THE best headline ever.
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    Steve Edwards It was way less good before I finished my coffee.
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    Sac Alba How sad If I don’t die of cancer I will kill myself! ( I don’t like coffee or it’s jittery effects on me )
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    Brian Sweat I find this extremely farfetched. Caffeine isn’t a cure all. Data can be skewed any which way, and it happens especially often if someone with deep pockets(or bias) is involved.

    I’m just going to drink coffee, thats it. It’s going to prevent cancer, suicide, and stroke. It’s also going to make me a better athlete, and smarter? C’mon, who needs anything else?
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    Molly Meade Hall I want that coffee mug. Makes me smile.
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    Steve Edwards I read a LOT of studies and coffee is one of the most studied substances in history. Over 20,000 studies and counting. Not all positive but 99% positive. One of my colleagues was on staff at Harvard and has personally worked on studies for many/most pe…See More

    Enjoying My Coffee
    Some of my favorite lines from The Big Lebowski
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    Brian Sweat The dudeness! Can you help but think that all of these findings seem a little over the top? What’s next, caffeine will give you the ability to breathe underwater? I enjoy caffeine as much as anyone else, but there have to be other factors involving lifestyle and environment that contribute to these findings. Also, not many of the articles link to the scholarly version.
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    Denis Faye I have to side with Steve. Even in holistic circles, the evidence is starting to sway pro-coffee. Think about it. The big argument against caffeine is that it’s a stressor that negatively impacts your adrenal glands. There may be truth to this, but only in excess. After all, exercise is a stressor. Is it bad for your adrenal glands too? All things in moderation–including espresso.
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    Brian Sweat So I can drink coffee everyday and eat mcdonalds and not worry about a stroke?
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    Brian Sweat I’m just playing devil’s advocate here. I get down on caffeine, it’s a wonderful thing. But to the extent that it’s the miracle cure all – fix all… I don’t buy it.
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    Denis Faye If you seriously correlate black coffee with Big Macs, Coke, and french fries, then yes, you can have both everyday. I encourage it. I call it the Darwinism At Work Diet.
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    Brian Sweat not much of an inductive argument… but it’s a point. but I thought coffee was supposed to prevent stroke? I mean, the article says it does?
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    Steve Edwards Of course the headlines are over the top. I hope that’s obvious (on my part, anyway) but all of those articles have solid science at their base. The database link (sports performance) is a pretty good catalog. All foods, including super foods, can be abused. Nothing is a cure all without consideration of the big picture. Without rationale we’d all be David St. Hubbins, “I believe virtually everything I read. I think that gives me an advantage over other people.” Not that it would be a bad thing…

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  • I completely agree that one cup of coffee a day and a reward/motivator is a very positive addition to one’s all over health and well being. I stepped away from my daily habit, one I had for 6 years straight while train and competing in 24 hour bike endurance endurance racing. Last fall, after 3 year hiatus, I wandered into a local coffee shop and took the plunge again. Oh hell yes my old friend, so good to see you again! I had completely forgotten how many wonderful benefits drinking a cup and day had on my overall abilities both physically and mentally. In addition to the physical gains, it helps me find a more peaceful state of mind. By getting on my bike and training with intent and maintaining a sound diet and regulating my caffeine intake, I have beaten down PTSD and anxiety, keep flexible nasty ballistic wound scar tissue and follow on muscle stiffness, and the delayed the horrid effects early onset of scleroderma. I was told I would not live but 5 years when I was diagnosed in 2001. I have slowed down a little from scleroderma, but make it a point to ride my bike over to that doctor once a year and say hello (in so many words). Keep moving, drink a cup of coffee a day and live happy! Never Quit.

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