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February 26, 2010 posted by

Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon

Right now I’m packing to head south and join Caballo Blanco and the Raramuri in the Barrancas de Cobre. This video explains the event pretty well. Enjoy.


  • Very cool video steve, I finally got to see the real face of Caballo Blanco, I saw arnulfo in a pic before.Do you plan on winning or finishing?It must be hot down there, have fun and be sure to take some pics.Good Luck.

  • Que tenga Suerte, Esteban! – Greg Crouch

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  • Check out another great video about the Ultramarathon…..this is just a trailer for a full length documentary which is under way.

  • Bring da Noize, bring da Funk Steve!-Debbie

  • Don't necessarily plan on finishing and certainly not on winning. Just here for the experience of hangin' with the Raramuri and the Caballo's group of Mas Locos. And, of course, the fiesta. Did plan on finishing but hurt my ankle on my last long run a week ago. Got down to Creel yesterday and did a short hike and it's definitely bothering me so we'll see. Lots of mileage working up to the event to test it on but my only athletic goal down here is to get some training in and not get injured.

  • Btw, traveling with some folks who should be in the running. Great times, so far, though a snow storm is bearing down on Creel and we're huddled inside trying to stay warm.

  • sounds cool. Just came back from a 5 mile run (barely made it) its 37 degrees outside, super cold weather to run for me. The birthday challenge will be hard since my birthday is right in the middle of winter.The raramuri dont warm up or stretch and barely get injured? interesting indeed.

  • Steve, I'm jealous beyond words! I just finished reading Born to Run – what an incredible book. I haven't ventured into Ultra territory yet, but boy, does this sound like a fabulous experience. I can't wait to read your follow-up posts when you return!

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