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CT Fletcher

CT Fletcher

Let’s get back to some Psyche, starting with CT Fletcher. This interview, from Bodybuilding.com, couldn’t be more motivating. Fletcher is a badass. His web site has gotten a little over-the-top for me but his story is rad. His attitude is fantastic, which the interview showcases.

They thought I was crazy, but I thought that was a crazy question for them to ask me. They were looking at me like, “Do you understand what we’re telling you, Mr. Fletcher? You can die!” And I’m like, “Fuck yeah, I understand, but what better way to die than to fuckin’ be on the bench press in the biggest contest of my life, going for the most weight I ever went for? Am I going to compete? Are you out of your fuckin’ mind? Of course I’m gonna compete!”

There’s plenty more where that came from. The vid below, called “my magnificent obsession,” is about his motivation after nearly dying. Great story, even before I was at rock bottom myself. Now that I am, it’s even better.

One might wonder why a skinny, mountain athlete would be so fired up about someone who does all their training in a gym, but I love gyms. I love powerlifting. If, for some reason, I could no longer explore mountains I’d find an good old fashioned iron gym and train there everyday. Shoot, if I had time I’d open one here in SLC because we don’t have a proper friggin’ gym. At least once a year I buy a day pass to the old Gold’s, in Venice, just to workout in such an atmosphere.

late night at gold’s during birthday challenge 2003

But my sports are about gravity. You have to be light. Powerlifting is about interia, You need mass and explosive power. One of the coolest things about Fletcher is how he’s adapted and changed over the years–both diet and training–yet kept exactly the same motivation and overriding philosophy. If ever I’m feeling like I’d rather not train, I check out his site for a reminder that I’d better get after it because it’s still my muthafu$ckin’ set!


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