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Customizing P90X

Anyone who follows my blog has read a lot about how to customize P90X for sports, specifically the ones I do. Now I’ve writing a series about how to customize the X for all sports (including mass, weight loss, and combing X with other programs–like Insanity–which aren’t sports but could be objectives for sports) and, finally, we’ve got the archive up. Here it is:

The P90X Newsletter

I think that in order to get both the Beachbody Newsletter and the P90X newsletter you need to enter different email addresses. The may have fixed this but if you aren’t getting both try that. Beachbody coaches feel free to share this info so I can quit answering email about it!

The normal Beachbody Newsletter (why not get both, they’re free?)

To read the customizing series, begin with newsletter 4 on defining muscle confusion, then skip to customizing X and read forward in order as each article in the series references the older ones. Each article is short but there’s a lot of physiological info to understand (keep in mind it’s written very much for the layman) if you want to create your own training programs, which you should. The series is far from finished. Next up are running and triathlon training.

* There is no place on the X archive page to sign up, but you can sign up for both on the main BB archive page.
pic: back in the day: one of our first brainstorming sessions about 90x.


  • Nope, it wouldn't let me sign-up, and apparently I've already used my 'other' email address as well, so no P90X newsletter for me I suppose. 🙁

  • I'll find a solution for you. Check back in a bit…

  • Any plans for a customized for surfing program?

  • Surfers train now?! What's the world coming to?

  • Maybe we'll get Laird Hamilton to make an appearance in One on One. I suppose I could do something for water sports.Susan, did the preference center come up? You should be able to choose to receive both of them. What happened when you tried it? Could just be havin' a glitch.

  • Is there a difference between the your very informal newsletter and the p90x one?I signed up for both and got replies that I am subscribed but you never sent the one you mentioned on your official website.The p90x one I got and read every single one, quite intriguing and very well written.Cant wait to start the real training for my birthday challenge, 1 more phase (power) and then Im done with this hybrid.

  • Hi Steve. I am not finding where we have to go to sign up for the newsletter. Could you let me know where we go to sign up?

  • The link on the X n/l page is down. Try this one:

  • The very informal newsletter is something else entirely. It comes our randomly, depending on my workload and if there are any pressing issues that need to be addressed.

  • I think you should write about high protein diets, this is a topic we need your opinion on. I dont know if you have in the past, Havent seen one in your archive of articles. The book Nutrient Timing future of sports nutrition explains that it is safe and backs up the data with 2 studies.Still a good topic to write on 🙂

  • Haha Matt that's funny, but you'd be surprised. It may not be needed as much on the west coast due to swell consistency. However, on the east between working and lack of consistent surf you really need to supplement your time out surfing with some workouts if you expect to be able to perform when the next swell does come through.

  • I've written a ton about them as I was writing back during the Atkins craze. You can find articles in my archive (on the right) although I'm not sure the links to those old articles will be live any longer. I'll fix it up and do something soon.

  • I honestly cant seem to find them. I have looked under the labels "weird diets: or "Veggie Diets"Do you know what label they are under?

  • I received the first P90X newsletter way back when, but never received any others. Totally forgot about the newsletter until I read this post. Definitely a glinch. No matter. I've bookmarked it. Works for me. Thanks for all the great info!

  • I couldn't add additional subscriptions to my account and got an error "you can only subscribe to one primary newsletter" so I sent a message to support… =(I wanted to add P90X Extreme, Tony Horton Special offers, Charlene Johnson and Shaun T… and you mentioned other P90X related newsletters, but they weren't on that list…

  • Did you post part 2 yet? And I can't find the one mentioned in the skiing customization article on endurance sports. Can you help me out here?THANKS!!!

  • Part II of endurance is coming out this week. Check out the link in my latest post on Insanity and 90x for the archive link.

  • I think P90X classic is awesome for training to surf, especially core synergistics, shoulders and arms, chest and back, and yoga. I have definitely noticed a great improvement in my endurance in the water and that leads to catching more waves and more chances to improve technique. If it is completely flat I would do P90X Doubles, but instead of running or cardio, go to the beach or pool and swim for 45 mins.

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