90 Day Challenge
May 10, 2009 posted by

Day 1

High Road upset Garmin by a scant 6 seconds today, putting the 23-year-old Mark Cavendish (England) into the pink jersey. Cav is undoubtedly the best sprinter in the world and will hold the jersey til the race hits the Dolomites in a few days. Twenty-three! Jesus! It’s impossible to say what’s in store for someone who’s already at the pinnacle at an age where most pros are still aiming for U23 palmares.

Unfortunately, my man Z didn’t grab the jersey but it wasn’t due to lack of style (see pic). But just wait. I think he’s become more of an all around rider than people realize. We’ll see, but I’m expecting a GC result from the up-until-now time trial specialist (and Utah resident) (and cult movie aficionado)(and all-around odd dude) (don’t believe me just follow him on Twitter).

My Giro simulator began on the eve of the event with my longest and hardest run since my injury, a foray up some weird game trail onto a beautiful ridge crest above town. Fell asleep with an aching knee and wondering about getting through even day 1 of my challenge.

Woke up feeling awful. A handful of pull-ups and leg raises warmed me up for a dismal time trial up Mill Creek. But, hey, it was one minute faster than last year’s pre-Giro TT and my knee didn’t hurt. Plus it was an absolutely stunning day.

An amazing opera via Met HD broadcast (Elina Garanca is off-the-hook–we’d just seen her with Anna Netbrebko in London, but that’s another story[shouldn’t there be an acronym for this? BTAS]) had me rested for a trip with Mick up to Deaf Smith, where I traversed into all existing routes and sent them all except for one where I broke a key hold and, voila, have a cool new project.

Finished with a fantasticly beautiful dinner that’s still on the Bob diet, along with a most civilized addition of wine.

Tomorrow, big day in AF planned. Life is good.

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