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Day One

So my day 1 P90X workout was… The UML! I know, it’s a Master Series workout but I’m waiting for my friends, who can’t start til next week, plus I’m still sore from the Fit Test. The UML was enough. In fact, the entire first week is going to be a transition week much like the recover weeks during the program. I’ll get less sore this way and be able to go harder when I hit things like Chest and Back. Christ, I didn’t make it through all of the UML moves without stopping. Pathetic.

Still working on the schedule. It will be ammended anyway but I’m mainly having trouble because I just don’t know what I’m training for. Got an email from my friend Mike who signed up for some weird hike, ski, run, ride, kayak race because he needs “an eye opener” in order to get focused. I generally work like this, too. I just need to find something that I really want to do. General bike racing, running races, or climbing aren’t holding much interest at the moment. I’m thinking some speed ascents in the mountains may be in order. Anyway, I’m uber busy for the next month so I’ve got some forced time to mull it over.

My before pic was taken last week by my wife in Zurich. It hides how un-fit I actually am. And that’s right, I said wife. The girl whom was until now–and still for that matter–is most often referred to as Romney on this blog. We eloped in Switzerland last week-ish (actual date the spring equinox) and have been letting the news trickle out. Having never been married, or even engaged, I can’t say it’s a shock. It feels perfectly natural, which I’m sure is all due to her.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way I can get back to the silly business of training. My wife, incidentally, trains with Twight et al over at Gym Jones. Go Romney! For those wanting to stay abreast of my romantic goings on, we have our own web site, that’s only partially political:

Romney Edwards 2008: For A Better America

Back with my 90X training schedule tomorrow.


  • You got married? Congrats, I never thought…..Just found your blog…..Next time you’re in denver….call

  • hey guys,i tried to tell you but don’t have your current email. how odd you don’t have a ucsb address anymore. so send that and you #!

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