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Dealing with Injury

In the scheme of things, my back is only a minor annoyance. However, I’m not that good a typist on my back, plus, not exercising makes me irritable. Anyway, I’m probably mainly still injured because I’m stupid as each day that I’ve felt okay I’ve done more than I should have and wound up on my back.

I am getting great treatment: a combination of acupunture, chiroprtactic, and massage. This, along with yoga, ice, stretching has me, as usual, thinking that I should make these practices a more regular part of my life. In fact, the last time I did yoga regularly was recovering from a back injury. This is probably why I usually come back from injury stronger than I was before. Will I learn this time and be more proactive about my recovery? Probably not, but maybe writing this will help you to do it.

Anyway, as part of my recovery I went bouldering the other day at a place I hadn’t been in years. It was sublime. I haven’t been pysched to boulder in a long time but was having such a great time I was talking to Tuco about the great session we were having to the point that had anyone else been there they’d truly have thought me insane. Me, bouldering and him, chasing rocks at his favorite place on earth. Here’s a pic of the Rat, twelve years later, still looking pretty damn fit.


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