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“Doc” Horton on Jim Rome

Tony stole the Jim Rome show for half an hour today, adding a breath of fitness and health to a show that I can’t help but equate to the film Big Fan. Rome refers to him as Doc Horton, says he has “a PhD in Bringin’ It” and is obviously very star struck with both the program and how fit Tony has kept himself at 52. I can’t help but wonder how the audience of this show, generally thought of as poster boys for soda, cheap beer, convenience foods and all-you-can-eat joints will take his views on the importance of yoga and a vegan diet. Rome himself is 30 days into the program and enjoying it. Maybe he’ll have some influence on his audience. We can only dream.

You can check out the interview here (you do have to wade through about 15 minutes of nonsense).

pic: perhaps vic in no cal will be our next success story.


  • I wouldn't paint Rome's audience with such a broad stroke. He has listeners of all types. Being sports fans, many are former athletes and probably interested in getting in shape. I have done P90X and Insanity and have listened to Rome for over 10 years. I had two friends just start P90X primarily based on Rome talking about it over the last month.The exposure can only help get people into these programs and moving towards a healthier lifestyle.

  • The really sad thing is that none of these fans and, in fact, most of the players, will never truly understand the game of basketball.

  • The link didn't work for me. When I googled it, it appears I will have to pay Jim Rome $6.95 to listen to the interview. If there is another way, please post.

  • I used to coach and, in my experience, challenging this demographic is the best way to motivate them. If Vic in No Cal becomes super fit because he's pissed at me comparing him to the guy in Big Fan, well, he's still super fit and that is the goal.

  • Can't believe they are charging for radio show archives, especially when you had to wade through so much advertising to hear the interview in the first place. I'd write them and complain.

  • Here you go:

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