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Doping and Le Tour – David Walsh Interview

Not surprisingly, I’ve been bombarded with email the last few days about the Tour. It’s been so crazy that I haven’t even known what to say about it. With Vino’s bust, the only rider that I’ve heard of who has worked with Dr. Ferrari and hasn’t been busted is Lance. The Rasmussen case is also interesting. The story of the smuggeled drugs was in From Lance to Landis but no one was named. Furthermore, the original of “men in black” (riders who train in un-marked clothing to avoid detection) was Armstrong. If you watched The Lance Chronicles, he never trained in his Postal/Disco kit. Always in plain black. This, apparently, was one of the things both Vino and Rasmussen did that put them on WADA’s radar. Hmmm.

Well, I think things in cycling will begin to improve. WADA seems to have gotten serious. And with a sponsor throwing their own rider off of the team while wearing the yellow jersey it confirms the end is no longer justifying the means in cycling. Bravo. With more and more young riders strongly anti-dope, the situation should begin to steamroll. Let’s hope so.

Anyway, here a LONG interview with David Walsh, conducted by two guys famous in the multi-sport world, Paul Huddle and Bob Babbit. It’s very interesting–dare I say required listening if you are a fan of the sport.

Walsh Interview

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