October 2, 2006 posted by

Drugs or Food?

Found this on the wires today:

Food Affects Some Like Drugs

Interesting in the wake up my feature article last week:

Food, Drugs, and Supplements: What’s the Difference?

Part of my piece discusses which aided/hindered the person more, Bonds’ nefarious drug use or The Babe’s imfamous “diet”.

While I’d like to file this under the “duh files”, I can’t. Our society seems to become more and more disconnected to their own bodies. We really need to change our education system. This should be basic knowledge for everyone, not some elective class that most people skip. It’s just about the most fundamental thing we should learn–how our body works and how to take care of it. But I’ll refrain from ranting today. Just read this stuff and see if you agree.

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