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Epic Dreaming

I’m supposed to be asleep so that I’m fresh enough to climb decent tomorrow but, instead, I find myself pouring over maps and all fired up about my latest concoction. Romney and I did a little riding over in Park City today. Picking up the 2008 trail map, I think I’ve found the right trails and connectors for what’s going to be the coolest ride I’ve ever done–or at least attempted. Who’s in?

Seriously, you’re blowing it if you don’t come out for this. It’s, essentially, an improvement on the original E100 course, which was one of the most beautiful race courses I’d ever heard of. That course rode most of the areas around Park City. This one will ride all of them.

Since the E100 was cancelled this year I’ve been thinking about this ride. I wanted to, at least, ride the initial E100 course that had been chopped over the years due to new construction and political silliness. The new map has provided a few missing links so that now I can add Glenwild, Flying Dog, Round Valley, and all of Mid Mountain into the fray.

Here’s the original E100 course, in general:

Mine will add a couple of areas off the map, as well as what is here. There will be a few short paved sections, a few short easy dirt roads, and 95%–probably well over 100 miles–of perfect single track. It’s going to be epic. It’s going to be fun. It might get a little ugly. But it will be Nirvana. I can’t wait.

I’ve still got to ride a few sections. First, in order to dial in the directions and, second, in order to ensure that I’m choosing the best trails. This route is about aesthetics, 100%. Every one of my favorite local trails will make it into the ride.

Here’s the gist of it:

Part I

Each section can be found, with pictures, on:

Utah Mountain Biking

Begin on the Rail Trail, parking at the base of Skid Row, where our little excursion will end (hopefully). Ride across the street and begin the Round Valley loop. Then follow easy trails and connectors to the Glenwild Loop.

At the top of Glenwild, add on Flying Dog. Head back on 24-7 to the Team Cutthroat Downhill trail. Head out of Graduate to Blue Bird Way.

Part II

Cross under the highway at Jeremy Ranch, climb through Pinebrook to Hunter’s Trail of Mid Mountain. Take this to Rob’s. Descent to Rosebud’s Heaven, and back up Ambush to Mid Mountain. Take MM to Red Pine Lodge.

Take Mid Mountain across to Park City. Climb Powerline to Shadow Lake. Drop down Keystone to Apex. Take the Alpine Loop to the Yurt, and drop down the switchbacks (forget their name) back to MM. Take this to John’s 99, to the Empire Link, and back up to John’s Trail. Descend this to 4:20, down Prospect, then across the single track right above town and down to Park City Mtn Resort for a break.

Part III

Take Silver Spur to Spiro and climb to Mid Mountain. Take this over to Deer Valley. Head up hill at Tour Des Suds. Take the right fort of Flagstaff Loop, and the right fork at Deer Camp. Take GS Trees and Naildriver down to Silver Lake Lodge.

Head back out on Mid Mountain to Team Big Bear. Climb to Flagstaff, but take left fork. Take left fork at Deer Camp and take Homeward Bound down to Silver Lake Lodge.

Part IV

Climb up to Homesteak, then descend Four Points to Deer Crest to Pipeline. Climb back out Village to Snow Top. Descend and climb to Solamere. Head down Gamble Oak, to Masonic. Turn right on Lost Prospector. Take this to its end. Descend Skid Row to an ice chest filled with beer.

I’m tired just writing this. Tired of all the possibilities of it all.


  • Steve,I’m ready whenever you are. Sam

  • Awesome. I hear you’ve been hiding out in Colorado riding. I think we have a third, too, as Jeff Clapp is interested. Let’s set a date.

  • Hey, Sam, I may recon a bit on Monday afternoon, if I finish work. Call me in you’re interested.

  • Nice – riding through Jupiter bowl would be fun. I gotta get out to PC in the summertime.

  • Is that where TG1/2 are? Heading up there to recon and it may take the place of the two similar Deer Valley loops. You don’t happen to know a good route through Pinebrook, do you?

  • I was looking at Phase 2 on the map which goes down through Thaynes Canyon and back up, kind of to the right of Jupiter Peak. I’ve only skied there – off Jupiter lift it fills in with snow and is pretty steep! Here’re a couple of good bike TRs from my ski buddy Josh who lives out there. Not sure about Pinebrook question – is that the subdivision down by Kimball Junction?

  • Thanks. Checked out Pinebrook today. Heaps of trails up there. Finally found a good route.I’ve done the first ride, and a bunch on the other page. Good stuff. My concoction does ride the bit up towards Jupiter and then descends around Shadow Lake. I thought about hitting the Crest but thought it more aesthetic to keep all of this on the PC side of the hill. Still working out the details. Thanks for the input. I’ll bookmark that site, for sure.

  • steve!i wanted so badly to do this but suzanne had a serious bike accident nearly 2 weeks ago and after 4 days in the hospital (3 in the neuro critical care unit) and the remainder of the time getting her brain and body functioning again, i’ve resigned myself to nurse duty until she’s functionally back on her feet. my first activity though as a sane person again, was to check out the rants of uber fitness guy, you. thanks for the diversion and perhaps we’ll see in the fall/winter. btw, this whole nst thing sounds like it might even get me cragging again. good luck with the ride and have fun!marc

  • Shit, I hope Suzanne’s okay. How have I missed this news? I’ll email you.

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