July 18, 2006 posted by

Epic Week Ahead

And, hopefully, not just for the Tour as I plan to finally get a heap of exercise in. I’m grading my challenge D, since I’ve been resorting to swimming and hiking with kids to get all of my exercise in. I’ve been friggin’ busy and it’s been friggin’ hot. At least I’ve been on my bike a lot. Hopefully, I’ll reverse this during the final week.

Anyway, I’m pretty psyched about tomorrow’s stage to L’Alpe d’Huez. It’s going to be epic, well, hopefully. I think by tomorrow we’ll have a very good idea about who our winner will be. Or not. I mean, if someone like Leipheimer or Menchov gains time, the race is wide open. But if Landis again easy covers each attack then I think he’ll be able to do this throughout the alps and, if he gets to the final time trial close to the lead, he’ll win.

I won’t go into who I think will fill up the podium. I don’t think it’s a secret. Both cyclingnews and velonews have features on this. But if you saw the last mountain stage, you know who the players are. It’s pretty wide open at this point. I don’t care who wins. I’m hoping for some fun racing.

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