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Everest View

Everest View

Due to the long weekend, today’s Munday’s post is happening on Tuesday. Moving towards the Yak Attack, here’s an old post from ’07 on my first trip to Nepal. I’ve ridden there before. Circumstances were entirely different…

They gave me a map and inquired about an itinerary. “Nagarkot viewing platform,” I said. His reply was to ask me how many days I needed the bike. “What time do you close?” He tried to tell me what I was trying was “not possible” so I just said “maybe I’ll go somewhere else then. See you before 5,” and was off.

This post brings back a lot of memories and, I think, holds up pretty well. It also led with this, “I’m not sure if I’ll ever travel again without at least some sort of athletic agenda. No matter what I’m distracted by, I spend most of my travel time wanting to be active. Conversely, I think the only way that I can relax and actually enjoy my new experiences is if I’ve been able to placate those demons that keep demanding that I push my body to the wall.” Pretty apropos given the goals of my latest trip, and a nice lead into what I’ll be posting soon. Also of note is how much mtn biking has changed in Nepal since that trip. There are now high end bike shops, it’s not uncommon to see cyclists anywhere, and the locals have turned into world-class racers. Very cool.


Click the excerpts to read the entire post. Photos are of some kids in Bhaktapur, the ancient capital of Nepal, and me at the Monkey Temple, overlooking Kathmandu.

My bike, a low-range Giant mtn bike, was perfect. It made me again realize how much money we waste on the highest grade of components and other silly stuff. This bike probably costs less than my friend Dustin spends for monthly upgrades on his race bike. And it was fine. It was reasonably light, well tuned, shifted and brakes well, and the pedals turned without interference. Sure, I’d be a touch faster on something else but no amount of money could heighten the experience I was having.

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