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Fall Training Program: Walking the Talk

Fall is the time of year where I usually combine my summer aerobic fitness with a more power oriented training cycle to build up for a birthday challenge. This year is going to be a little different. Instead of a short cycle I’m going to test my training knowledge but creating a program to excel at multiple (non-related) sports over the coming year. Call it planned weekend warrior-ing, if you will.

The focus of this training plan will be to excel at the sports I enjoy without needing to spend all of my free time training. I still plan to be a attentive husband, see my friends, play with the dogs, enjoy eating in restaurants, beers with the boys, see shows, cinema, operas, and travel. I plan to have fun because, if it’s not fun than what’s the point?

Of course I won’t do any of these things at my highest level. You can’t concurrently train for, say, cycling and climbing and be your best at both. They require completely opposite physiques. But you can train to do them both at a high level. My plan is to concurrently increase my current level at both power and endurance climbing, power and endurance cycling, endurance running, and my technical ability at skiing (no big task here, btw) over the coming year. And I plan to do it with an approachable training program that can be adopted by others.

My hope is that this little experiment will be something that can be used by anyone desiring to improve their level as a weekend warrior athlete. And, of course, it’ll be another new personal odyssey. It’s all about the journey.

pic: training program objective #1 – the social calendar stays intact.

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