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For outdoor athletes, fall is the best time of the year. Climbing with Ben the other day, he stated his desire to start taking every October off of work. It makes sense, as October weather gives you the best chance to complete almost any outside endeavor. The weather is generally warm, not hot, with cool nights and dry conditions. The days are short but they now make lighting systems that make it pretty easy to forge on into the night.

My fall has started off with a lot of activity. Nothing epic–maybe epics aren’t in the cards this year as my windows to exercise rarely exceed half a day–but plenty quality time outdoors. And, to me, that matters more than ticking stuff of a list.

I have, however, done each section of my epic single track proposal. The trails around Park City change each year so everything needs to be scouted. Ran into Sam out on the trail yesterday. He–recovered and in fine form after finishing 5th at the Everest Challenge–is ready to go. We’ll probably have a crack at it soon. We’re also trying to finalize the dates for Trent’s challenge (maybe the 18th), Jeff wants to have a go at the White Rim Trail in a day next week, and Mick and I are looking for a hole in the schedule to take a shot at Notch Peak. Now I just need to try and get all my work done….

pics: my phone camera doesn’t begin to do these views justice. The mountains are stunning right now. The trails are like riding through an enchanted forest. It’s, like, Nirvana.

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  • Ohhh, makes me miss my folks’ house.

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