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Family Matters

Family Matters

While a personal sentiment about this particular challenge, I felt it vital that a endeavor of this length not be all about me. Plenty of things I do are, and it’s important to take time in life completely for yourself. But this challenge, as stated in the original post, is about self improvement, which includes getting better at everything and that includes my family. Therefore one of its cruxes is to make time for them in spite of a ridiculously heavy schedule.

My wife gave me shit (good natured, but still) for defining her as a crux but in this scenario family stuff is. While it’s a cliché to say we tend to take family for granted during stressful times it happens for a good reason. Your family has your back. They should and do understand. And while that’s all awesome and stuff we can easily let this slide into non-stressful times and, eventually, it’s a chronic situation. It’s how things start to fall apart.

To combat this I moved family into the forefront. They are going to get their due first and I’m still going to do a very hard challenge. Much in the way the military boot camps force you into extraordinary situations so that simple tasks, like life and death in war, feels routine, putting family first when you’re stretched to your physical and mental limits is a great exercise for real life. If I can do it now it will become my de facto mode. I’ll be a better husband, dad (easier for me with a canine family but still), son, sibling, breadwinner (though my wife is much smarter and diligent worker than me), and boss and employee.

While I don’t consider myself a complete slacker at these things I’ve already noticed that in week 1 I’ve gotten more done around my house and for my wife than I often do in a month (I’ll admit I can’t improve too much with the dogs). As I get more tired it will get harder but I’m embracing it. It’s fun. More than I could have imagined. In fact, while perusing the Victoria’s Secret and Agent Provocateur web sites for gifts last week I’ve decided to make swim, sleep, and undergarment shopping my permanent job. Sheesh, how did this take so long to figure out?! Birthday challenges rock in more ways that we can ever imagine.

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