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Feats Of Strength

Anybody else think that feats of strength should be its own sport? It could be structured like a bodybuilder or fitness competition where the participants could perform any feat of strength they want–from caber tossing to Eastern Bloc circus moves, squeezing hand grippers–and judges can sort out which is the coolest. Right now, I’d probably vote for this guy.

Sports specific training is fun and all but it’s stuff like this that give almost anyone pause. Winning races and setting personal records feels nice, but who wouldn’t swap out most of their medals for the ability to do even one of these movements? This is probably why back in the Castle Years I can hardly remember the climbs I redpointed but can still recall, quite vividly, how impressive it was to watch Pukester rattle off pinch pull-ups in the rafters or see Belt do mono campus board moves. In fact, one of the fondest memories I have from my Yosemite climbing years was watching Dave Altman do a one-arm pinky pull-up with 30 pounds hanging from his waist. I’m tellin’ ya, feats of strength would be bigger than NASCAR. And, if not, it ought to be.


  • It would be rad if it was like a game of H-O-R-S-E.

  • Now that'd be a sport I'd pay to watch.

  • I agree with Brian!That video was crazy cool. That move when the guy said, "This shit is bananas"–holy crap! Insane!

  • Brian your rocking. Thanks for share useful information.

  • Watch the circus guys too. We saw these dudes live. Crazy impressive.

  • Enter this guy in the comp, too:

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