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Get Fit. Lose Weight.

Get Fit. Lose Weight.

Just returned from a little hiatus (post-challenge climbing trip) and it’s time to get this blog rolling again. No better way than with a little inspiration from the always motivating Stevie Haston.

That was written by his wife. Not that he’s above some odd ramblings but I’ve yet to seem him describe his exploits in the third person. Anyway, nobody does  “shit, I’m better get into shape quick” workouts that are crazier than Stevie.
After my post-challenge lull, I need to get after it again myself. This time with some focus. With Haston focused on a spring 9a,  Hans psyched to get back after a 25 year old un-done project, Phil and Bob training hard with big plans at the Tor, including lifetime PRs, I think it’s high time to start gettin’ after things with some fervor and see if I can’t get myself up something semi-difficult next year.
Now I’d best get out to the garage and do some pull-ups. If I don’t die, I’ll tidy up the birthday challenge and write a final report on it soon.
photo: inigo taylor

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