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Fit Test

I knew this was going to be ugly as I’m about as un-fit as I’ve been in some time. Not fat or overweight but, decidedly, not fit. I’m going to post a before pic this week but nothing is going to do this program justice like the test I just took. Here are the vitals.

I almost never weigh myself and don’t have a scale so that didn’t happen. Frankly, I don’t care. Ditto for body fat %. Those scales are wrong anyway. They only matter to tell you if you’re going up or down, which you can also tell by pinching your fat areas. I don’t expect–nor want it to–my weight to change much. I do expect my body fat to go down. It will. I don’t need any stats.

Next up, pull-ups.

15, pretty strict. A bit of swing but no kip. Target at end: 30

Vertical leap, 18″. Don’t recall measuring this since high school when it was about 30″. Also don’t care much about it. Still, let’s see if I can hit 25″

Toe touch, +4. I would think this will improve.

Push-up, 30. This is terrible. 60 is possible.

Wall squat, 2:30. Since I’ve never cared about such things, and still don’t, I can only suppose this is awful. Doubling it seems reasonable.

Curl, 15 reps of 30 pounds. Don’t do a lot of curls and don’t care how many I can do.

In & outs, 45. I did this wrong and kept my upper body elevated. I remember doing over a 100 last time I tried. I supposed 120 should be my goal.

My HR was 56 when I began my warm-up. It finished the HR test at 170, counting (not monitor, which would be a bit more due to falling HR during count). Subsequent minutes at 100, 90, 75.

The worst thing is that I’ll probably be sore tomorrow. Yikes.

Day 1 coming up. Tomorrow I’ll post my schedule. Now I just need to write it.

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