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Fitness Nerd

Here’s a brand new addition to the Blog-o-sphere that’s worth a gander.

The Fitness Nerd

It’s going to be a portal to the lastest news and stories in health and fitness, along with a bit of savvy expose. The Straight Dope’s already had a shout out, and here’s an example of the commentary. Clearly, Denis knows his way around a keyboard.

In a report published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, over half a million AARP members were surveyed, only to discover that those who ate more red meat and processed meat had a 22% greater risk of dying of cancer and a 27% greater risk of dying of heart disease.

Boy, I didn’t see that coming. No, wait. I did see that coming, because I’ve been told how saturated fat clogs arteries and excess salt causes hypertension since I was five-years-old. Had this article been written in 1954, Ward and June Cleaver might have been blown away, but this is 2009. Come on!

Oddly enough, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association has taken exception to the findings. Yet another hard blow for the American cowboy.

You should all probably make it your homepage.

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