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Fitness & Nutrition Stuff

Fitness & Nutrition Stuff

Video streaming by Ustream

Our latest chat had no theme, just a lot of fitness and nutrition q and a along with our standard fare of inside jokes and nonsense. We got a lot of mail on it, and none scathing, so apparently we did okay. If there’s something you’d like us to cover shoot us a message at mailbag@beachbody.com and we’ll get it next time.


  • That’s a great screenshot. You guys really love your jobs!

    Any idea how long it takes ustream videos to make their way to Youtube? Ustream videos (especially Tony’s live workout) always seem to stall for me.

    • Sent a note out on this but have yet to hear back. I know You Tube is big on our agenda but not sure about timing.

  • Thanks. I’ll keep my eye on the BB YT channel.

    All the webchats I watch (you guys, Tony, ShaunT, Chalene) are great. It really helps keep me informed and engaged with the programs.

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