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July 11, 2006 posted by


Well, damn, I had a great post on the World Cup written here but then my internet connection began to go on the fritz and I lost it. Hopefully, that inspiration will come back to me but now I’m just irritated so, today (from my local coffee house), I’ll post on the most irritating aspect of the Tour de France.

But first, my challenge. My grade on the first rest day is a C-. It’s been good as an overall life commitment but my “training” has often consisted of bike commuting between various bars and restaurants for the World Cup matches. But, given the cup has finished, as well as all of my social commitments (like a mad 30-hour Video Shop renunion in Vegas), I reckon it’ll get better. And, despite all the reverie, my fitness level went up, not down, over the course of the World Cup; something I’ll guess is a rare event world-wide. Maybe only me, Ronaldo, Luis Figo, and Zidane.

New Tour prediction: slot Kloden into top 10, or top 5, or top 1….

So, for sure, the worst (of many many many) commercials during the Tour is the Flomax ad. You’ve heard me rant on this subject before; drugs that advertise side effects far worse than the problem they’re claiming they “may” be able to help with. In this case, it’s “frequent trips to the restroom(sic)” or some such nonesense. I mean, sure, that could be a problem. It could even be quite irritating. However, I’d far prefer it to the list of side effects promised, one being frequent fainting. The funny thing is that the ad shows guys fishing, golfing, handling heavy machinery and being generally active which, seems to me, is the exact kind of place you wouldn’t want to be fainting. But, hell, what do I know? Perhaps a quick nod off in the middle of fighting a marlin is preferable to needing to take a whizz.

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