90 Day Challenge
May 7, 2009 posted by

Food For Thought

I have another post up over at

The Fitness Nerd

Since it’s a news site, and I’ve been asked to contribute, from now on I’ll make my news postings there and keep this site more personal. I promise all my postings over there won’t be so snide. I just couldn’t resist blasting the “brain food” article in question a little bit.

In my world, the Bob Diet is settling in and I’m getting used to it. But now Bob tells me he strayed a bit from being only akaline to low fat. So he ate some meat so he could cut down on the fattier not-so-acidic items, like nuts and avocados. So I may push this, slightly abridged, into a second, and maybe a third, week.

Virtual Giro gets announced tomorrow. Still not sure what it is but it’s going to be really hard. For anyone planning to join me (Reed?), it’ll probably be to train a percentage of time the lads are racing that ramps up each week. So clear some room on the final week of the race.


  • You’re right – that did read like The Onion. Ridiculous.

  • steve what’ve you got on vegan diets for performance in middle aged has beens? over the past 10 years i’ve incorporated eggs, poultry and fish into a diet that was exclusively vegan for more than 20 years…net result: decreased endurance, weight gain, etc. now much of the negative effects of deviating from a vegan diet may have to do with aging, marriage, apathy, etc. i’d be interested in your views, though.marc

  • that’s a genius article. men’s journal rules. I’m surprised they didn’t have: “Dehydrated after walking for miles in the desert?” Drink this: water!Not that: whiskey!but try telling that to Tuco.

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