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Full Body PAP

Full Body PAP

As promised, here’s the friggin’ awesome workout I’ve been doing. If you don’t have time to do PAP Lower and Upper separately here’s an idea for combining them. It takes a while but is absolutely worth it; for sure one of the best workouts I’ve ever done.

This workout riffs off of the 30 rep workout I was doing for muscular endurance during my last training block, meaning that it’s tailored to my personal sports specific movement patterns. I began doing two rounds of each complex, now I’m at three, and I’ll hit four before the block ends.

A note on PAP: This isn’t a follow along cardio routine. You need to push yourself. And it’s not endurance work. You’ve got to go 100% on the explosive movements. 100, not 99. The difference between going 100% and 95% is massive. It’s not very hard to do a lateral skater in your comfort zone (or at a pace that you’d do for 20 or 30 reps). But it hard to go as hard, high, far, and fast as you possible can every single rep. That is the key. If you’re not going to do that then you might as well go do a Zumba class.

beautiful example of double skaters at 100% from crosby slaught

Move quickly through the warm-up, which will feel like a workout by design. Take a short break. Then treat every round of each complex as though it were a competition. Have fun!

A slight tweak of the P90X2 functional warm-up—the perfect warm-up

Stability ball movements from X2: twist, squat overhead reach, overhead side to side, lunge overhead reach, loading dock

World’s Greatest Stretch: from X2: lunge, alt arms overhead, 3 each side

Inch Worm: X2

Scorpion: too hard to explain so get X2 (if you read my blog you SHOULD already have it!)

Fire Hydrants: From hands and knees lift leg (like a dog), extend leg backwards, back to start, repeat. Forward and backwards 10 each side

Groiners: again from X2

Plank – 30 sec

Wall Angels – 4 contractions held

Calf raises – heels straight, in, and out: 10 each

Shoulder retractions 10 weighted

YT Fly 10 – 12/12 reps

Side/cross hops 30 seconds

Darin squats – named for Shakeology’s Darin Olien (I saw he and Laird Hamilton doing these in a workout), you support yourself holding onto a bar and squat back and forth on each leg, extending the opposite leg straight (like a reverse hurdler stretch). 12 each direction

Toe Raises – Tibealis Anterior exercise, back flat on wall feet out in front raise toes 30



Towel Pull-ups 5-8 (Weighted)

Jump pulls on rings ( go as high as possible hold high position for split second) 6

Banana (supine) pull down – 15

REPEAT 1, 2, or 3X


Step up convicts (see X2) – 6 each side (as much weight as you can)

Split squat jumps 6

Heel slide – 15 reps each side

REPEAT 1, 2, or 3X


Pullovers on a stability ball – 15

Med ball plyos – 8 (explode off/on a ball as fast as possible)

Fingertip chataranga hold 30 (or not fingertips when you fail—still hard)

REPEAT 1, 2, or 3X

samuel fuchs demostrates med ball plyos at p3


One leg squat reach 8 each side

Lateral skaters 6

Side plank leg raise (see X2) – 30 seconds each side

REPEAT 1, 2, or 3X

see reverse pike v-ups (or whatever we called them) here.


Squat, curl, press 8-10 (squat, curl with legs slightly bent, then push press to finish. Reverse in control)

Ball slams 6-8 (hold med/slam ball overhead, squat down slamming it to floor—make sure you can catch the rebound—bring back overhead with a jump. We wanted these in X2 but not practical in many homes. Sub reverse pike v-ups from X2 if these will break your floor cause rift with the neighbors.)

Bridge leg lift – 6 x 20 seconds on each leg 3 each

REPEAT 1, 2, or 3X

Neuro-integrated stretch (see X2 PAP and Plyo)

fun with pap: jeremy evans demostrates step-up convicts and other movements in this vid highlighting his slam dunk title training.


  • I'm in by no means peak physical condition so I heeded the warning and didn't watch the video.I would suggest hiring a suffcient employee who can spell.

  • I'm suffcient, dude. That's insane. Twice no less. I never read the warnings. Wonder if we've been doing that for all vids.

  • Freaking awesome workout Steve. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Steve Thanks for sharing.What would be a good substitute for the jump pulls on rings in complex one?

  • You could do jump pulls on a bar, too.

  • PAP Total Body! Really looking forward to giving this ego-wrecker a shot. Looks totally suffcient for in-workout destruction and post-workout quivering/weeping. Or any combination of the two. Thanks for posting this up.

  • Steve,What are supine pull downs? or lat pull down? as well as bridge with leg up? is that just a 1 leg glute bridge i assume? Thank you.Dennis

  • One leg glut bridge is correct. Supine PD are like a reverse push-up. I use a band over a bar and lay on a bench horizontal with legs up so it's unbalanced or else (if there's such a set-up so my legs can rest on something (pull up bar on a squat rack comes to mind) I do pull-ups with my feet up on something so horizontal. Such a great workout. Did three weeks on (2-3x per week with sports training), took a recovery week, now doing it again this week and maybe more because I'm still getting so much better at it.

  • Thats awesome-it gets alot done in a short amount of time while just hitting everything you need, that is something i really appreciate out of the complex training(gets most planes of motion you need and push/pull work)….Alright so for most part an inverted row but you use a band. I like you get both row variations in there to balance the shoulder/scaps. Your third complex is an excellant one to.I am looking into making a hockey specific one, so i am taking bits of your work as well as p3s that they use for there pitchers as i saw with chris reed..OH Lunge -> rotational movement with pulley -> med ball throws…For most part that is equivalent to a hockey shot…Lower P.A.P. seems geared right at hockey with your split squat jumps/skaters – both hockey movements and even seems geared towards hockey. Lateral 45 deg skaters would be the tweak to it…room in my house/gym permitting.

  • Any chance of posting more of these X2 style workouts Steve? Or better yet maybe you could get Tony to shoot some more? I have lower back issues and at the moment X2 is the only thing that really helps with it. Thank you for bringing it into my life.

    • That reminds me that I need to shoot a hip stabilization workout sometime soon. Feel free to bug me. As for Tony, he’s working on something right this minute I think you’ll like.

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