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Gerolsteiner Caught With Team Discovery’s Dope

I think this was the afternoon headline in L’Equipe.

If it wasn’t, it must have been something like that. I mean, granted, I was one of first people on the “Hincapie is not going to win the Tour” bandwagon but, still, the Disco boys rode better times when they were on front the entire race working for the Texan. Bizarre.

Leipheimer has been left for dead and making odd sounding excuses along the way. All of a sudden, he’s attacking everyone in sight and three Gerolsteiner’s are beating the best Discos.

Other than that, not much enexpected happened. Landis looks the strongest but, as a follower in the mountains with bigger hills to come, it’s doubtful he’ll be able to put things away before the time trial. A big climbing day by any number of of guys could still turn the race on its head.

Expect every Frenchman in the race to attack tomorrow.

Congrats to Landis, Menchov and especially for Dressel for choosing to defy the odds and defend the yellow. He put up a spirited fight and almost made it and, I’m sure, I’m not the only one who wished he had. Landis didn’t want the jersey just yet and I think they’ll be happy to let breaks go up the road tomorrow.

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